I like to work on projects. It can take years for I am satisfied with the selection and feel they are ready to publish. These projects can consist of pure typologies, as well as editorial narratives, as poetic work.  


I am always being led by topics of my own interest. As by coincidence I follow a certain path, as a kind of serendipity.


I focus  on human interest photography of marginal people. The latter present themselves in their own habitat, yet not active. Most of the pictures are made in poor ambient light, marked in a dramatic, sensitive way. The sober, often dark portraits have been stripped of all superfluities, and in this way evoke a contemplative atmosphere. These mesmerising close-up portraits show in a peculiar way the inner world of vulnerable, seeking, musing or proud people.


The portraits are far from snapshots. The portrayed people are never by accident in front of my camera, I got acquainted with them before. So the people were relaxed and even occupied with inner thoughts.


In addition to these portraits I also survey the spaces surrounding these people. The result is the reflection of an outer world in an inner world and vice versa.


For years I worked in Niger, West-Africa, as well in Eastern Siberia. You might call them forgotten territories, but as such very interesting to me.


I am also photograpy teachter at te SNT institute of Bruges.

Caroline Alida

Photo: © Isabelle Vandewalle